Found in Shikoku is a travel cultural website for the fourth largest island in Japan that has branched out of the personal blog The Cup and the Road, by Athena Lam. This site focuses on providing information on Shikoku that is not commonly found on English-language media. Sources of information can include personal experiences, translated materials from Japanese, and interviews from local Japanese sources.

The purpose of this project is to use information as a micro connection between the global community and the people of Shikoku. Found in Shikoku does this through an evolving thesis of creating meaningful content for global English readers, who can create a longer-term impact through small contributions to local community organisations.

For this first iteration, the majority of the content on the website is available for free and made possible through volunteer hours. Extended guides will be charged, and the proceeds will go to designated organisations on Shikoku. This model is aimed to reflect the following goals:

  • writers contributing information to share, not to sell
  • readers show their support through financial acknowledgement
  • monetary contributions are direct investments in local communities
  • global and local communities can be connected in small, impactful ways

The creation of cultural content can only be sustained in the long-term with money. The media provides free content to the public by charging advertisers. The Found in Shikoku project recognises that content should be acknowledged by readers and supported directly through financial contributions. At the same time, finances should never become the main reason for pieces to get published. For this reason, the monetary contributions are meant to be symbolic acts of support for the writers, which becomes practical financial support for communities on Shikoku. This approach aligns resources to help community building.

Thank you for visiting this site. If you like what you’ve seen here, help the craftspeople, farmers, artists, young people and community elders on Shikoku by supporting what they do.

You can find out more about Athena at her blog, The Cup and the Road.

You can also get further snippets of information on our Instagram account.